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Samphire MSC certified

MSC certified ‘Fish to eat’

MSC_ecolabelThere are over 20,000 MSC-labelled products on sale around the world, from prepared seafood meals to fresh fish from the seafood counter. Find out more about how to cook, eat and enjoy each of these different seafood species, certified sustainable when carrying the MSC ecolabel.
Look for the MSC Eco label!

By looking for and choosing the MSC Eco label when shopping or dining out, you can enjoy eating any of these species safe in the knowledge that it has come from a certified sustainable fishery.


dish of the day

Dish of the day

Samphire’s Seafood Pie

Today’s dish of the day is a rich seafood pie using Salmon, Scallops, Hake, Haddock and cockles. Slowly poached in a rich white wine and cream sauce. Topped with creamy Horseradish mashed potato, Puff Pastry and a parmesan crust.
The perfect winter warmer on a damp November Evening.